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Thread: Your most treasured park fishing memory

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    Many years ago I was camping one fall at Cataloochee. Woke up one morning just before sunrise, unzipped the tent flap and there about 20 feet away was an eight point buck staring back at me. Great way to start the day.
    "Here fishy fishy."

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    Just like Grannyknot, for me my best moments have always been about spending time on the streams with friends and family. I've spent a lot of time of the water alone and with some really great individuals.

    If I had to narrow it down to one trip it would have to be the trip my wife and I made to Bone Valley for three nights of nature at her best. Early November and we were the only humans around. The first night we bedded down early only to have a lone coyote sit down beside the tent and howl for what seemed forever. One morning I went for water and jumped a small group of wood ducks and the next I startled two really nice bucks. We caught some fish but more importantly got to spend time together in a beautiful place.

    As we waited for the ferry, we listened to a grouse drumming on the ridge above us while watching a group of hogs make their way around the lake bank.

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    Default My two most memorable Smokies experiences

    The first was catching a Smokies "Grand Slam" out of one hole on Caldwell Fork. The slam ended with one of the most beautiful specs I have ever caught. The event was even more memorable because my daughter was there to share it with me.

    The second event ocurred on Abrams near the trailhead in Cades Cove. I was fishing without much success when it started to snow. It was not a light snow, but snowing so hard I could hardly see across the pool! I was rolling a wooly bugger down the entry to the pool and started picking up rainbows on almost every drift. The last one was the biggest rainbow I have caught in the Smokies - 15 3/4 inches. Magical!

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    Thanks for this thread.

    I've been giving this a lot of thought. I've been fishing the Smokys for about 15 years now. My wife and I usually camp in Smokemont, so, it stands to reason that most of my best times have been there.

    I guess my most fond memory would be the time I got my first grand slam. I woke up at sunrise, got on my waders and headed down to the Lufty. Caught a brown on a Tellico. After a couple hours, I moved up into the campground area where I caught severial bows on a yellow Adams. Back to camp for a quick lunch, then I walked up the Bradley Fork trail. Started fishing up by the back-country campsite where I landed a brook. I was so excited! Something you never forget.

    Many other memories bringing my son with me.

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    Default Most Treasured Memory

    Thanks for posting this. I have really enjoyed reading these and also remembering my own experiences.
    I am relatively new to fly fishing, just completing my fifth year.

    On my second year, I was fishing with my best friend and the one who introduced me to fly fishing. We were fishing above Metcalf bottoms and were fishing a run and a section of stream known as "Joe's Hole". I had heard a little about "Joe's Hole", and today I was going to get to fish it. My partner sat and watched as I fished this run. I did manage a nice brown on a dry fly. I think I also ended up with two more fish for the morning. When we went home, he asked if I would like to read the story of "Joe's Hole". He produced a copy of which he signed and added a personal note. I read the story with great interest and felt so priviliged to have gotten to fly fish such a mystical place and also catch a trout there. The story was written by my friend and also appeared in Issue 1 Volume 2 of the Art of Angling Journal. I learned a long time ago, it is not about the number or size of the fish, but about being able to be in the great outdoors and experience all of God's wonderful creation.

    Another really memorable occasion occured one evening on a section of the river below Elkmont, I caught 5 trout that I first saw rise and then cast a dry fly to. It was a magical evening.

    God Bless,
    Dances with Trout

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    Dances with Trout--You may be a tyro in terms of years devoted to the sport, but you've reached graduate school in terms of perspective. When you said "it is not about the number or size of the fish, but about being able to be in the great outdoors and experience all of God's wonderful creation," you set the hook on a lifetime of enjoyment in a true and telling fashion.

    Incidentally, while I've always been one to use my real name, "Dances with Trout" is a delightful moniker. Mind you, I've been involved in one or two dances, usually involving a log or some other tippet-snapping obstacle in the stream or a fish going in a direciton which found me desperately trying to recover slack, which I would have preferred not happen. That's because the end result was usually me being a "wall flower" employed in tying on another fly as I bemoaned a parting of the ways with a good trout.
    Jim Casada

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    Great thread......I can remember a trip to smokemont with my brother-in-law a few years back. Mostly small browns and rainbows were caught on bradleys fork. That evening we had "tin foil dinners" cooked over hot coals. We came to the conclusion that it doesn't get any better after a long day of wading in a creek, than to have a warm fire, a good meal, and a single barrel bourbon. No company cell wives with shopping addictions...just clear skies and a warm fire. By the way, we saw five river otters that day. Thankfully, we haven't seen them since.
    Here I walk slowly, deliberately, taking it one step, one trout, one sunset at a time. -Harry Middleton

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