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Thread: Best fish of the year...??

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    I was blessed with a great year fishing wise. An early season trip to the Grand Canyon landed this nice rainbow along with a lot of other fish...

    The brown trout bite was good for me this year with lots of nice fish to hand.

    A trip deep into the backcountry put me on some of the prettiest brookies you'll find anywhere...

    And then there were cicada eating carp...

    I have so many great memories from this year, and while these are some of the larger or otherwise memorable fish, there were so many others that stand out as well...definitely a great year!!!
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    You are a MOCHINE! Wow...very nice, especially those browns from the mountains.


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    Those are some great catches guys, looks like there was a lot of fun out on the water this year.

    This 18.5" brown from the park, was the highpoint for me this year. He was a little tore up (dorsal/lower jaw) but I was happy.

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