I got this information in an email chain and I felt it was a great effort and one to share on this forum. I hope others feel the same and Mr. Ramsey gets the grant and helps one of East Tennessee's Trout Projects! Great job and thanks to Mr. Ramsey for all of his sacrifices in conservation!

**TN TU member needs your vote for Budweiser Conservationist of the Year and $50,000 for Tennessee's best trout streams**
David Ramsey, a longtime advocate for the protection of the Rocky Fork tract and it's wild trout streams in Unicoi County, Tennessee, is a finalist to win the prestigious Budweiser Conservationist of the Year award. If he wins, a $50,000 grant will be awarded to support the protection of Rocky Fork's 10,000 acres of pristine streams and wildlife habitat. TU has worked with The Conservation Fund to help protect this property for the public trust, and your vote will help us take another step toward the final protection of this treasured place.

Go to http://www.budweiser.com and click on the Conservationist of the Year link to vote. Voting closes on January 6, so please pass this along to chapter members, friends and family today.

In an email last night, David says: "It will appear that you are voting for me, but disregard that - just consider it your personal contribution to the final success of the largest, most important land protection campaign in our region - indeed, in the eastern United States - in many years. It has been a long 15 year struggle for Rocky Fork, and now we are closer than ever to victory in the battle to save this extraordinary treasure."

You can read more about the Rocky Fork project http://www.tu.org/rockyfork

Thanks for the support, and happy holidays,

Damon Hearne
SE Conservation Coordinator
Asheville, NC