Stuff like this is the very reason I have reduced my participation in the past few months. There is less talk about fishing and fly tying and more arguing, name calling, and coddling of sensitive people going on than ever before. We are all adults on here, and we should all act like it.

When I first joined, everybody was always cordial and real fishing stories were shared. There was no need to start an apology or a flaming thread, because nobody said anything that validated such a thread. A few of the original people still remain, but I miss the likes of Mr. Hartsell, the Romer clan, IJSouth, etc. Those guys all knew how to tell entertaining fishing stories with humor laced throughout, and never once proclaimed themselves as Smokies experts. Not only that, but they were genuinely good people who it was a pleasure being around. I look forward to the return of a positive fishing forum, but honestly believe it has been infiltrated by too many who use it as an outlet to vent and read their own words than a place to share knowledge and information of the sport we love.

I don't know why you feel the need to withdraw from the forum because the "partner of a man on this forum" shot a bear. Granted it sounds like it was not an ethical hunting practice, but I think you are taking out your frustrations in the wrong forum. That is like me saying that I am going to withdraw from this forum because somebody who knows a member cut line in front of me at Kroger. If you are unable to distiguish between the two and are quick to respond in a negative manner, then maybe this is not the forum for you.