Hes been gone a while, but like the foot prints of Cathey and Manley, Charley Dickey was an icon to fly fishing in the Smokies. Along with this fishing pal, Fred Moses of Knoxville, they not only fished the streams of the park like possessed fiends, but also traveled widely fly fishing and hunting. Moses, a star running back on General Neylands Tennessee Vols football teams in 1933-1934, was rated by his long time partner Chum, as the best caster to ever ply the waters of the Smokies. Moses was the boldest of the two, as the following excerpt from Trout Fishing: Basis Guide to Dry Fly Fishing reveals. Charlie told me that this incident occurred Big Creek.
Not long ago, Fred and Charley were fishing a small river in the Smokies, poking along with the Charley fishing the forehand side and Fred the backhand. They alternated honeyholes and ambled along side by side, fishing the few flat stretches. As they rounded the turn, there on a huge boulder lay two young ladies without clothes, basking in the sun. They did not hear the approaching anglers above the roaring water and may have been sleeping.
Charley was deeply worried that they might get sunburned, but Fred was concerned with ethical behavior on a trout stream; should the anglers fish past the sunbathers without saying anything, or should they ask permission to move ahead?
After a lengthy debate, the anglers decided to wade quietly past the sunning lasses lest a sudden awakening frighten them. The trout fishermen pulled in their lines and pushed slowly up the difficult current, passing the boulder where the sleeping beauties languished. The fishermen would be around the next turn in a few seconds and could go back to their routine casting.
At the last moment Fred could stand it no longer. He removed the Cahill on the end of his leader and replaced it with a hookless spinner. The he stripped out line and began to false cast until he had just the right amount of line out.
The he striped line ip on one o the girls and dropped the spoon, cold out of th3e water, right on the most logical part of her anatomy. The target turned over, took one look, and let out a scream which drowned out all of the cascades and waterfalls in the Smokies. There was a scurry of sunburned flesh scampering through the laurels as the two anglers turned and continued upstream.
When Fred and Charley returned to their vehicle after dark, weary and sore, the air in all four tires had been let out!