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Thread: Remembering Our Mentors

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    Default Adding my condolences... those already offered. So sorry for your loss and for all that are affected by the passing of your brother. You and those touched by this loss are in my prayers for the Lord's comfort and His loving perspective. I am praying that the good memories of the past will be coupled with a keen awareness of the eternal hope shared by all who are in Christ Jesus,and that it will eclipse the pain of this loss and your grief.

    "Fly-fishing has many attributes, but none more pleasing than it's ability to liberate the young boy that still hides within me and to let that boy live again without embarrassment or regret, sorrow or anguish." Harry Middleton

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    Nobody in my family fished or hunted,but back in the late sixties and early seventies the outdoor magazines had articles by real hunters and fishermen who became my mentors.That would not work for a kid today since the hook n' bullet magazines are more about "venues" and the latest expensive gear and ethics are no longer discussed.I had fished with a cheap Eagle Claw glass 7wt using a level line and caught many bass and bluegills over the years but when I decided I to catch trout with flies instead of Kountry Kist corn in 1988 my mentors became John Gierach and Don Kirk.I had just returned to Ft Campbell after 6 months in the Sinai and with all the money I had saved up during the deployment I went to Cumberland Transit in Nashville ans got a Sage 4711LL rod and a Hardy LRH reel and line and a good tapered line and backing,and the two books I bought were Trout Bum and Kirk's GSMNP trout book.

    Kirk's book is outdated now but back then it was a very useful primer and Trout Bum is as relevant today as when first published.I started tying in 1991 after ETS'ing from the army and AK Bests Production Fly Tying,Jack Dennis's Western Trout Fly Tying Manual,and Randall Kaufmans Fly tying book became my mentors in that endeavor.The Creel in Knoxville was the only shop back then and those guys were great.

    I remember meeting Byron at a TU tying class in 94 and he told me that he had bought the fishing store in Townsend.I mentioned that I had been there and the shop sold mostly spinning gear and worms and he said"oh thats gonna change".Boy,did it ever,we are very fortunate to have both the park and such a great shop so near to Maryville.A kid wanting to learn now could get a great start from the great guys(you too Paula)who work at LRO.I do miss Dubbing hangin' out at the shop and hope the rascal is doing well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeFred View Post
    My next to oldest big brother passed away suddenly Thursday. Although as kids he and I managed to set a sagebrush field on fire in the process, Bill taught me you can enjoy a hike to just about anywhere. For Bill, there was never a creek or a bluegill too small. Fish on, Bill!... and on and on.
    I truly appreciate all the kind and encouraging words and have passed them along to my family. Bill was laid to rest yesterday. I said to many that came for visitation that Bill was likely fishing a really great stream where he is now, but I did not know until yesterday that the day before he passed away, he and others in his "family" at the nursing home spent most of the day before at Bass Pro Shop. Bill trusted God to "outfit" him in so many ways, given his mental illness and physical disabilities, but while gazing at all that gear, he just may have put in a special request or two. He was deserving if so.

    As I knew he might, brother Al (post #3) was able to travel from Georgia to be at the services, standing on his own as much as he could.
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