@ Jim; Thank you for the story and I wish I would have known a better path out. I can tell you that up and down those hill on that "Horse Trail" with all of the loose rocks and snags had me hollering expletives often. I opted to not soak my foot when we were near the stream (not often) for fear that it would worsen the pain. I was right because when we arrived at the trail head I soaked it and pain started to become unbearable. The 1.5 hour drive to Mt. Leconte Hospital was unbearable.

@ Knik; I am more worried about people than wildlife. I don't see many bear attacks on prepared people. Not to mention the .380 would just piss off a bear. All I can tell you is to make sure you are well trained in shooting in stressful conditions. I tell you this from experience when it comes to exchanging gunfire.