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Thread: First Trip of 2012

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    Default First Trip of 2012

    I decided to take advantage of the winter heat wave we are having and do a little fishing today. I chose a lower elevation stream hoping the water would not be too cold for a little wild trout action.

    The forest road gate was closed, so I had to walk a mile uphill before I could start fishing. That was grim reminder of how out of shape I am.

    The first fish of 2012, caught on the second cast of the day. What a beast.

    Considering it's January, the fishing wasn't too bad. All fish caught were pretty small, but I caught a bunch of them.

    This dude is a runner. I was 5 miles upstream and one tributary away from the nearest stocked waters. He has done some traveling and is now trying to blend in and live among the wild trout, such a poser.

    I fished a dry/dropper all day, with most fish being caught on a BH hair's ear nymph. I caught a few on the dry and had a lot strikes on the dry. As normal for this time of year, strikes were subtle and a quick hookset was critical. I missed several fish due to slow hooksets.

    I had a lot of fun and it was a great day to be on the stream. 64 degrees in Western NC in January, at 3500 feet elevation, you can't beat that.
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    Its amazing how far those stocked fish will run upriver isn't it? I've caught them in the Smokies several miles upstream from the nearest stocking locations outside of the Park. Pretty crazy when you think about it...
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