Been over a year since I fished the SOHO and finally convinced my son we had to go.... the flow was very fishable but the weather was less than favorable though warm enough.

Landed a beautifully colored brown and had a great time spending the day with Rick; he has been a fly fisher since five years old and has an awesome casting stroke.... I love to watch him fish and often found myself just watching him and paying no attention to my own fly.

Didn't see any Sulphurs and only a handfull of the BWO's the local shop claims are coming off.... fish seemed to be gorging just under the film on something I was unable to match.... but caught occasional fish on a small CDC emerger with SLF trailing shuck. Must be those wicked tiny "black flies" but they wouldn't even touch small griffith knats or zebra midges... FRUSTRATING!

Was fishing a 2 weight so hurling large stuff was not possible; think I ought to go on the prowl with big streamers or buggers when I encounter these conditions.... next time I will be prepared.

Anyone got a solution to the black fly problem that actually works?

Meanwhile it seems this weekend has no favorable wading conditions on local tailwaters..... AGAIN.

If I was the boss at TVA weekend flows would be wade fisherman friendly every weekend.... I'm too old and broken down to go rock hopping in the Park.