Okay; so last year in anticipation of fishing the Nance's area during the caddis hatch I tied up a bunch of flies that worked very well when I lived in Maine.... most size 14 & 16 very tan caddis.... this included elk hairs and CDC with shucks.

And they barely worked! The CDC worked best

Seemed what I saw on the river were size 16 and very dark brown... not a color I had seen before up north.

SO; I've spent alot of time looking at Hugh's site (even prior to moving here two summer's ago) and I see his Holston River Caddis and it appears the same colors and sizes I had in my boxes!

Then I get told at ORVIS that I should have an olive body, not tan even though what I saw on two different days seemed to have a darker brown body with darker brown wings.

Some drift boaters last Spring claimed sucess ONLY on droppers (Gary L's antron beadhead emerger with shuck, "air bubble" body type of thing in TAN). They claimed they still did rather poorly that day but I noticed the "sports" could not cast very well.

So what color/size and "form" do you guys prefer?

Question for Hugh.... everyone tells me peaches do poorly here, if I ever sell my place in Maine I hope to grow peaches.... do your peaches struggle or thrive?