First of all I would like to say hello to everyone on here. It's been a good while since I last read this forum. I really do appreciate reading most of the great fishing reports and looking at the pictures on here. I will say the reason I quit reading this forum was because of the excessive information on highly sensitive speck streams being broadcast over the internet for millions to access. I have spoken to quite a few others who left for this same reason. Well, I decided to return and check out the board for the first time in a long while, and the first thing I read is about a very special river flowing into Cherokee, that is not named after a bird. There is actually people posting maps in detail on these streams. It gives me a really bad feeling when I read these type posts. I having been fishing the smokies all my life, and I found all these places from my grandpa and dad, or by reading a map and taking a gamble. Now all you have to do is Google it, or buy a book with detailed instructions to every stream. I have read Mr Cassada's book and I will say its a gem. As far as the creeks are concerned, I knew were they all were already, but now anyone with a few seconds to read a page will as well. I know that rivers like Little, Deep, Hazel, etc, are no secret, but I remember a few years ago when not many people knew in detail how to get to three forks. The last three times I went up there, I ran into fisherman. The past 25 years I never even thought about seeing that many people there. I will say that I have been posting on another popular local forum, that has a don't ask don't tell policy. I really do enjoy this site and wish that something would be done about all the open info sharing. There is no reason some of these posters can email each other info on the most sensitive speck streams. Sorry for my rant, but I was just disappointed upon returning to this forum.