Some of you folks need to spend a little less time behind your computers and a little more time getting your feet wet.

This is a re-post of a fishing trip I took last weekend. I had originally posted it on a hunting forum that I participate in. It's fequented by bass fishermen, and I feel it's my duty to inject a little culture into their lives (This is internet sarcasm. If anyone needs a little more culture in their lives, it's probably me). I apologize to those that have already seen it. I have edited out a few pictures from the original post.


The Great Smoky Mountain National Park encompasses 521,086 acres of land.

There are over 2,100 miles of streams.

In 2011 it had just over 9,000,000 visitors.

I would make a conservative guestimate that less than 1% got more than 200 yards from their vehicle.

(Picture removed)

On with the report.

With the weather cooperating and nothing better to do on a Saturday, I headed to the park to try and catch some fish. I got to the trailhead and none of the cars appeared to be fishermen. After slipping into my waders and stringing up my rod I hit the trail.

It went up...

And up.....

I really should be watching my step and not taking pictures. One wrong step and I'm not coming to a stop until I hit the river below.

After a 1.14 mile hike,
(Picture removed)

I find the nectar of the gods.

The fishing is tight in this stretch.

But underneath all this rhododendron are these little jewels.

Sometimes the canopy would open up into promising little runs.

And I would catch some of these.

A pool like this is a brook trout fisherman's dream.

To be continued in the next frame................. (Still too many pictures)