Earlier today, I posted an example on how I think a proper post should be made. Well, you folks are lucky and I also fished on Sunday of this past weekend. I will now give you directions on how to make a proper post.

1. Always try to take a picture while driving to your destination.

This gives the reader the impression that you are a risk taker and that you are in the 0.09 percentile of fly fishermen that is not a nerd. If you have to pull off the side of the road to get the picture, do not include your speedometer in it. That would only negate the risk taker part.

2. Now is the time to either reveal your destination and name the stream, or not. This can be done by either inserting a picture of a common landmark of this stream or a picture of the trailhead.

In this instance, I don't wish to reveal this stream, so I can either "create" a name for it. Lets call this stream "Skillet Creek".....

Or, you can just not mention anything and just insert a random picture at this point.

Keep in mind, this is the only part of your post where it is acceptable to insert a picture that was not taken on this particular trip.

3. If you had a long hike to get to the stream, be sure to take pictures of the trail. Angle the camera to make it appear steeper than it really is. If you had no hike, take the first picture you get when you arrive at the water.

4. Always take a picture of the first hole you fish.

Do this before actually fishing. If you catch a fish on the first cast, it will only make the trip report better. If you don't take it before fishing, you will forget with the excitement of it being the first cast.

5. Take lots pictures of waterfalls and plunge pools.

Those of us that see this stuff every week really don't care much about it. But, our "neighbors to the north" that follow this board just eat it up. It also makes good filler on a bad day of fishing.

In addition, if you make mention about how you had to hike 5 miles one-way and scale 3 cliffs to get to the stream, don't have the taillights of your car in the picture.

6. Take pictures of bugs, or evidence that bugs once existed. It doesn't matter if you don't know what it is, why it's there, or what it could possibly resemble in real life.

Fly fishermen eat this stuff up. There are some that could probably even speak Latin at you.

To be continued in next frame.....I have a feeling this could take more than 12 pictures.