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Thread: Directions on how to make a proper post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Kirk View Post
    ....dancing on top of the bar with two scantly clad local lasses ....
    Dude, that's my kind of breakfast!!! I would have definately taken that picture and put it in my post.
    My posts are worthless without pictures

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    Buzz, I haven't done well there in several years. I have a picture of a really nice brown that my dad caught there. Have to ask him if I can post it. I used to be able to go up there and have a really enjoyable day. I used to also see fish in the creek all the way to the power house and even catch a few in some of the pools but, I can't even get a hit anymore. I haven't drug anything from Goat creek but, I have from First creek and it took around 7 hours. Yeah, there are some serious deer in that area but, the density is very low. If you see one there is a good chance it will be a "goodern".

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    I must say this gave me a good laugh...well done my friend! and very comical!

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