Being old, retired and having spare time I often do a lot of thinking about what I want and what I want to get out of things. A lot of my time is spent fly fishing for trout, fly tying and thinking about same. I used to try and be a serious big game hunter. I found out I really was not having fun like I should so I did more fly fishing for trout. I fished over a 121 days last year.

While fishing I try not to be concerned about size or numbers. I try and relax and have fun.

I really don't mind if someone asks me what fly I am using and if I have extras I normally give them a few. If I happen to fish fairly near someone I always stop and ask if I am going to be crowding them. On the rare occasion I get into the fish and others are having a rough time I may mention what I am using. In my travels I have asked for assistance and have been treated like this on many occasions. I remember fishing for landlocked salmon in Maine. I was not having much luck my first day and a kind gentleman offered me some flies and gave me the run he was fishing. I was promptly into fish. I have run into similar people on the South Holston in Tenn., the Au Sable in Michigan and various streams out west. I value the time I spend talking with others both on the stream and in fly shops.

I am pretty much strictly catch and release on trout and really think a fly rod is the only way to go. At times I really wonder if using an indicator really has much to do with real fly fishing. On the other hand I do stoop to using one. Others may think different and that is OK as long as they are legal.

This is the only forum I participate in and read on a regular basis. I may not be too smart but I am old and wise enough to know my opinion is not the only one and I may be wrong. I think we all should spend a little time thinking about why we fish and a little about how our behavior may effect and be perceived by others..