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Thread: When will TVA shut off the water?

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    Default When will TVA shut off the water?

    I prefer to fish tailwaters (though I fished Little River the other with no success) and it seems that TVA has done nothing but run water Everywhere for the last few weeks during daylight hours!

    Is it too much to ask for "recreational flows" this early in the year?

    Any ideas as to when they will let us on the water below Norris, Cherokee or South Holston?

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    Smile When it stops raining

    Good time to be a whitewater enthusiast
    It has been unseasonally wet lately.

    You also have to be willing to grab the short windows when they appear.

    On Sunday I fished Watauga for several hours in the morning, then jumped on the South Holston in the afternoon in order to get a day of fishing.

    The rain has tapered in the last week so maybe you'll be getting a few more chances

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    Go to for lake and flow information. Click on Lakes and Recreation.

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    Depending on the tailwater, I like to check the "operating guide" for the lake on the TVA website. Here is an example:

    Go to the TVA Operating Info page for the SoHo. Between the "Observed Data" and "Predicted Data" sections you will find a link that says "See Operating Guide for...." For the SoHo, it appears the lake is now within the expected elevation range although just barely. Thus, I would assume we will continue to see more and more recreational schedules, particularly on weekends, as long as we don't get any more significant rain events. In the short term, it looks like the continuing wet pattern might actually ease up finally.

    Spring in Tennessee often means more windows for wading as the reservoirs are allowed to rise to summer pool. Unfortunately, in a wet year we get too much rain and the tailwaters will still continue to run. It seems that Norris lake is within the expected range but still well above the flood guide meaning the Clinch will be running water for a while still. Cherokee Lake is in the extreme high side of the balancing guide but without any additional rain might start having some better windows in the next few weeks...
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    I agree with David's philosophy for trying to get an idea on when there may be some opportunities for wading-especially for this time of year.

    Also; most of the releases this time of year are guided by the computer projections and not adjusted by human operators. This starts to change when the recreational releases start and if there are any anomalies in the queue.

    I expect that February will be pot marked with a few wading opportunities on the Clinch. However; many of the low flows will be extended low cfs rates and not many opportunities to wade or red-eye start-ups. This should change after the first week of March.
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    Default more control than you think

    The two engineers responsible for scheduling and monitoring the release at all t.v.a. dams spoke to the Clinch River Chapter of T.U. last fall. They explained the process and there is more human control than you think. While flood stage control is a major factor the amount of water at Chickamauga is a MAJOR-MAJOR factor. A signed agreement with Chattanooga and t.v.a. requires a minimum flow for Chattanooga and everything above has to feed that. As much as generating power that agreement binds t.v.a. hands to standards that have to be supported by the upper reservoirs

    According to the two engineers, they do try to accommodate wade fishermen. They look at 4 hour increments for wading.

    But the historical agreement is binding, no one knows how it came about. They do know it has to be met.

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    Looks like somebody doesn't mind that the water is running full bore.

    Good job puttin the man on a hog Mike.

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    , when Obama was elected the drought ended,so the last 3 years have been lots of rain means less down time for TVA dams , less wadable water . a farmer told me last week,that Obama has been the farmers best friend, he brought a end to the drought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyspey View Post
    , when Obama was elected the drought ended,so the last 3 years have been lots of rain means less down time for TVA dams , less wadable water . a farmer told me last week,that Obama has been the farmers best friend, he brought a end to the drought.
    must be that CHANGE he was talking about


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    I guess no one noticed but the Clinch was off today, almost all day....

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