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This is really interesting as just today I was talking with one of the TVA benthic folks who has been doing a study on the Clinch for the past 2 years. He has basically catalogued every species of mayfly, caddis, and stonefly he found and his last sampling was done sometime around Thanksgiving.

He found the usual sulphurs, black caddis, blackflies, little black stones, a few hex, couple of light cahill's, and a couple of Quill Gordon's. He said unlike the South Holston where he finds good numbers of BWO's he has not found any in the Clinch or it's tributaries.

Not saying you are wrong Madison, just interesting that he didn't find any with his exhaustive studying and you found some yesterday.

Were they adults or nymphs? I am sure they would love to have samples as well.
Is this John you are referring to from TVA? If so; I found my sample container from that day underneath my back bench in my boat. The samples dried up; but, it seemed to have persevered them well. I placed them in encapsulation and on sample sheets for viewing. I have years of sample/dates if he is interested in viewing them.