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1. The disappearance of smallmouth bass from most Park streams. In the 1960s the lower end of many Park streams had goodly numbers of smallmouth bass. Today, with the notable exception of Abrams Creek, that is no longer the case. There may be the occasional bronzeback below The Sinks, and that's about it other than Abrams Creek. Matt Kulp, Steve Moore, and I have talked about this at some length and we all agree that the most likely explanation is that there is far more canopy today than was once the case, which in turn translates to colder water. Incidentally, this past summer's sampling of Deep Creek, with one of the two days of work being done right in the campground just above the Park line, precisely one smallmouth was captured. There were lots of them here when I was a boy and young man.The same was true of redeyes.
Jim Casada
Jim, unless you fellows discussed it already, I thought I would ask Matt if he perhaps has some raw peripheral smallmouth data for the '90s from the electrofishing sampling trout species distribution research done then. Unfortunately, some once upon a time smallmouth waters didn't get included prior to funding being cut soon thereafter.