I turn 65 next month and have been fishing in the Park since I was 13...when I first started trout fishing the Park waters were stocked on a regular basis and the service even maintained their own hatcheries...there was also a closed season on trout fishing from September 15 to April 15...even into the late 60's and early 70's I can remember cutting classes in Law School to drive all night to be on the water for that April 15th date...those fish hadn't seen a fly in 6 months and made for some great fishing...both sides of the Park had "Sportsmen" streams where the minumum size was 16" to keep...the WPLP was just unbelievable back then in numbers and size....the number of locals that fished seemed greater and it was easy to spot them in their overalls and true "cane" rods....we grew up fishing under a threat of loosing our equipment and the right to fish if we broke the rules and there were backcountry rangers popping out of the rhodo to check on you...there also seemed to be more camping in undesignated spots in the backcountry...people fished to eat what they caught and I believe this kept the general size up before the fad of catch and release took hold...it wasn't until midlife that I even heard about a strike indicator even less saw one...good topic and brings back some great memories....thanks Jim