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Thanks, Bill & Jim.

Jim, good catch on where I had wrongly positioned the label for the Oconaluftee, which has been fixed. After thinking about the welfare of the two smaller streams mentioned, I deleted the labels for them. Those remaining labeled streams on the latest version of the map image are the very same ones "named" on the "souvenir" NPS Park map. My map image is intended for general orientation and not intended to provide detail access information on this message board, something that has been frowned upon by some. I get that. I am trying to contribute to the forum and attract new, disciplined anglers to our Park. I strive to be sensitive to the waters, banks, trails, etc. that could be be abused if improperly promoted. I am also trying to not adversely affect the livelihood of guides, writers, etc., the vast majority of whom seem to share those same objectives.
Really cool maps! Thank you for leaving out some of the more sensitive streams. I got in to a pissing match on here a few weeks ago about this subject, and I stand by my beliefs on spewing info on the web. I will try to place a order here soon and get my hands on a few of these maps.