Dad (Cockeye Valdez) I don't agree with what the TWRA officals are sending up to the TWRC to vote upon. First we (me included) were shut out of OUR (everyone) state and federal lands when it comes to controlling hogs. A problem that was derrived BY TWRA when they released over 4000 wild hogs in South Cherokee and Catoosa WMA's. Now, I just learned that these same officials have hired a firm to do a phone survey asking the random public, many of whom most likely do not contribute to the funding of TWRA what their stance on the current bear management practices are. This is NOT Washington, California or Oregon states and sound biological studies done by certified personel with biology degrees need to be making these recommendations. NOT the public. And furthermore the sportsmen and woman of TN have over the last 7 years harvested over 400 bears with last year being the the record high. Why does something that is NOT broken need fixing? Daryl Ratajczak from NEW YORK who is now over the big game management is the biggest snake in the grass TWRA has ever had. I believe that there needs to be a house cleaning in more than one area of ALL this and these elected peoples need to remember who it is that they actually work for. There is no accountability by many of these elected officals and it needs to end.