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Thread: Spring 2012 - "Guide Fly" Swap

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    Lightbulb Spring 2012 - "Guide Fly" Swap

    It's been awhile since we've had a fly swap on the board (has it really been 3 years since the last one?..) I was thinking that it would be interesting to do a "guide fly" swap. In short, a guide fly is a fly that is simple to tie yet very effective to fish. (Btw, you don't need to be a guide to participate...). Ideally the fly should use only a few materials (4 or less?) and only take 5 minutes or less to tie, like the "Haystack" or "The Usual". Do a Google search or check out this site if you are still a bit unsure: In many cases the fly has been developed for a specific stream or type of stream. That's great, just make sure you let us know what stream to fish them in...

    I'm happy to take the responsibility of being the swapmeister. I'd like to have 6 participants, but we could even do it with just 4 tyers. Ideally we would each tie two dozen to share. That way we each would receive 4 of each type (including your own - rather than the usual 2). Let's set the due date for having your flies sent to me at March 15th (we can adjust if needed, but these are supposed to be easy to tie...that's the point).

    Ground Rules:
    1. Post on this thread if you would like to take part and what you'll be tying), Send me an email at [petecz at] and I will send you my mailing address information. We'll take up to the first 6 entrants by 2/28.

    2. Start tying! The due date for your flies is March 15th. Assume you will have to tie 24 flies, and if we have fewer tiers, I will distribute the extras evenly across all of us that do participate.

    3. Each fly will need to have a toetag, this is just a small piece of paper with your LRO username on it, what you tied and what size (and if its geared toward a particular stream). Include the recipe if you want, or post it on the thread (or keep it a closely guarded secret).

    4. When you are finished with your flies and have mailed them, post on here, so that I can keep an eye out for them.

    5. Send your flies in a crushproof container with a return self-addressed envelope with return postage (whatever it cost you to send them to me, is the same amount of postage you should put on the return envelope). The little plastic boxes you get when you buy flies from LRO work well. What ever box you send your flies in, will be returned to you with the swap flies.

    6. If you feel the urge to tie a few "bonus flies", I will distribute them accordingly. If you want to specify who to give the bonus flies to, please indicate that in your shipment and I will add those flies to that person's return package.

    7. Communication is very important! Don't hesitate to ask questions.

    8. If you have never done this before, don't be intimidated. This is a great way to get new flies that you would never think to purchase on your own. Some of my now favorite flies are ones I have never even thought of before I received them in a fly swap and one led to the development of my guide fly.

    Here's the lineup. I will keep editing this first post for the roster:
    PeteCz -- TroutDude xCaddis (not really an xCaddis, but I'm too lazy to think up a "real" name)
    GrannyKnot -- Haystack
    Stana Claus -- Yellow Foam Crackleback
    BuzzMcManus -- Elk Hair Caddis (yellowish-orange)
    GrouseMan77 -- Special Parachute Adams
    TroutmanBrook -- Bearded Scud
    Last edited by PeteCz; 03-01-2012 at 07:45 PM. Reason: Updated Roster

    "Even a fish wouldn't get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut."

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