I gave a wet fly tying Demo on a Leadwing Coachman tyed in the tradition of the erly Catskill Fly Tyers. The tying demonstration went well and I gave some history on Ray Bergam and his flies. It was a pleasure for me to do and enjoyed the people about 30 last night that watched me tye and asked numerous good questions. The tying demo and brief lecture was being given for free to the club that I have a friend or two in that are in need of speakers. So Why this post? Glad you asked. You see when I came down last night I drove 1 hour and 20 minutes from my home. They cooked me a great dinner, not bought but cooked home made. I was at Ocean City New Jersey last night or as native South Jerseyan's say "Down the shore". I had home made Shrimp seafood Fajita's that was just awesome. Also the club gave me a check for gas money at the end of the night and insisted that I take it. I can't tell you how that made me feel. Do a good deed for some one and don't expect nothing in return. Honestly I truly felt that cooking me dinner that was good was truly the payback. Clubs and people amaze me and this always makes me want to help out and do more. Not for the money or the dinner but the people experience and friendship of fellow tyers and flyfisherman. Has anyone else on this board ever experience this?

Andy Brasko