...I guess next time I decide to fish I will read the fishing report first then decide if I want to go....I just read the fishing report and it said go fishing today....hmm that might explain why there were so many fishermen on Little River Today....I only seen a small hand full off hatches coming off and the fishing was way off. The highlight of the day was David Knapp showing me a fish that must have been at least 24-30"

I decided to head farther up river to find some solitude....there wasn't any don't you fly fishermen have jobs? For a 70 degree day the fishing wasn't all that great I didn't think I'm curious how everyone else did. I did get a chance to pay it forward by helping a really nice gentleman new to fly fishing named Chad with a few tips.

What a nice reward seeing the huge smile a new fly fishermen gets when landing a fish....below are the few that I managed to hand today....enjoy

Oh look I drove there as opposed to jogging to the stream in my waders?

First fish


I guess a day on the stream is better than a day at work