What materials have you used (or experimented with) that are "off-beat, strange, weird, exotic or otherwise unique"?

I actually use "stim-u-dent" toothpicks from the drug store to make really cool and life like "bodies" for baitfish imitations, then I cover the toothpicks with floss and then cover with tube mylar or other tube material.

I also use craft cord for streamer bodies; both to cover the hook shank and also to build an under belly by tying it front and rear in a back & forth manner making several layer... (I use "flat craft cord for these).

Pictures of stim-u-dent here http://www.easttennesseefishing.com/...howtopic=28070

Scroll through the text; at the very bottom is my bunny fly that I tried to describe in another post. It is on a size 4 kink shank (where bead is secured), has an Estaz body and bunny over the "top" on an inverted hook... deadly.