Expect an envelope with various flies (like those in above picture) & materials to try. I tied a stimudent on a 10x long size 2 but usually tie them on shorter long shank hooks but I couldn't find any around at present time... must have used them all.

EZ body braid looks awesome on stimudents but is somewhat stiffer compared to tube mylar; sending both.

On cord body fly... you need to cover hook shank with cord and pop cord through hook eye and tie at front; then layer 4 times. wrap each layer with clear thread to hold layers and taper body... first layer starts at rear, last layer ends at rear. Apply bunny, then eyes then coat with Softex or epoxy with a bit worked under the bunny hide to adhere to covered shank.

DANNY, I will send you a couple replacements for fly you lost with 5x; want pictures of fish landed with 3x!