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I too am doing the same thing. I am 90% sold on a new TFO BVK 8'6" 4WT for my money I dont see anything similar. It is a fast action 4 piece rod. My question to the board is: does the BVK (fast action) need to be set up with over weighted line? I have heard several people say that you should "overline" the setup i.e. run a 5 wt line. I know this will help load the rod faster but other than less false cast what is the real benifiet? distance? accuracy? There are lines out there designed for the modern fast action rods such as the SA GPX, Rio Grand, and I have even heard Cortland 333ProTrout is good. These lines all seem to be 4.5 wt lines. This rod is intended for my "everyday" rod which mostly consist of dry/dropper in the GSM or double nymph on the clinch. Does anybody have any ideas or thoughts about line choice?
The relatively new BVK rods in 8' 3wt. and 8'6" 4wt. configurations are both viable options for the park if that is what you are looking for. Both could easily throw a GPX line or a wt. heavier but most TFO's can. Using a 5wt. line is actually going to slow the rod down a bit. With that usually comes a sacrifice in distance and does not "add" distance but you really don't need to worry about that much with the BVK. I have cast the 3wt. but not the 4wt. and it can lay out some line... Again, it is a faster stick but still manages to retain some sensitivity and is super light! If someone gave me one I would certainly fish it with a heavier line but that's just me. I have 3 TFO finesse rods and those are more my style for the mountains. However, the 4wt. BVK set up right for your tastes with the desired line would be a great do it all rod for light to medium trout fishing. And don't go cheap on the line... the few extra dollars spent for something like a Rio or SA line are worth it IMHO. I would say to start off with a SA GPX 4wt. line to see how you like it and go from there...

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