I woke up this morning and my whole day was planned with some productive activities.

- Take wife to breakfast
- Mow grass
- Take dog on hike
- Drink beer
- Watch race

While waiting for the wife to get ready, I jumped online and ready spotlight's post, "Sum Ting Wong". I thought to myself how nice it would be to get out today.

During breakfast, my wife informs me that she is going to hang out with her girlfriends today and watch a girly flick then maybe the Academy Awards. She then proceeded to ask me if I was going to fish. Well, I'm not one to close the door on oportunity. And that is why I am here making a report.

I swung by LRO on my way to the park to shoot the breeze with Chuck, cast some flyrods, and lighten my wallet some. I knew I had a good hike in front of me and didn't want it weighing me down on the way in.

I got to the trail and started my hike. I didn't pass a single other fisherman on my way in. It was hard to pass good water like this,

But, I made my way to where I had intended to start.

This looks like a good place for a cast or two.

Earlier this week, ChemE and I had shot a couple emails back and forth. In one of them, he had told me about the steelar day he had catching them on top during a quill gordon hatch. I must have taken this to heart, because when I rigged up, I tied on one fly, a size 12 parachute adams. That would be the only fly I used all day.

About 3 casts into my day, I had a real nice fish come up and eat my adams. It ran upstream and I remember thinking that it may just be my best park rainbow of all time. I was thinking rainbow due to the fact that it was sunny, warm, and the middle of the day.


That ain't no rainbow. I snapped a quick picture, and measured it out on by fly rod. I've got a 14" mark above my handle, and this was a solid 1.5" longer. Being satisfied that it was only February and I already had a 15"+ fish under my belt for the year, I sat down and ate a handful of trail mix.

I resumed fishing upstream.

I certainly wasn't catching them left and right, but every now and then, one would come up and take my fly.

I was fishing much slower than I typically due. It was a nice day and I was content after my first fish. While fishing a real good looking run, I gave it a few more casts than I typically would. I watched a big fish come up from the bottom in slow motion and take my fly. I set the hook and it went nuts. Upstream, downstream, towards me and away. Somehow I kept it on. It eventially settled down and got right in between two seams of real fast water, just laying on the bottom in the rocks. I just kept some even pressure on it not really knowing what to do. If I move it too much, it might hit the fast water and head downstream. There's no way I could turn it if it went that way. I sit there thinking, WWDKD (DK=David Knapp). Then it hit me, I slowly added pressure until I had the fish coming up, when it got near the surface, I reared back on my flyrod as hard as I dared and surfed that thing right across the fast water. Once it was in the slack water on my side of the river, I had it whipped.

This fish deserved 2 pictures.

I measure it out on my flyrod and it was substantially past the 14" mark. About a hand width longer.

I continued fishing and caught some more of these.

Then I reached a pool and had this little guy shoot clean out of the water to take my fly.

I figured a greedly guy like that would make a good fish to end the day with.

Anybody home?