I made it to Tenn. last week but only managed to fish one day on the South Holston. It was a solid rain when I started and everyone pretty much cleared out at this time. The fish started to rise and were feeding heavy on what I thought were midges. Possibly emergers. I tried everything I have and I have a pretty good selection of stuff. I fished about 2 1/2 hours and managed to land five fish. Four browns and one rainbow and all were caught on a sulphor dry. I just could not get onto what they were feeding. I tried small stuff down to size 26 on the surface in the film and down deeper. The only bug I saw was about a size 18 BWO came flying by but none were on the water. It did appear to be some really small black flies around here and there but what I thought was a good match did not work. Any ideas on what would have worked? I thought some of you may have faced this before there. Thanks.