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Thread: Strange Day Today??

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    Very Nice fish Troutman....and I so need to hit Sam's just such a peaceful area and such a nice hike in...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nvr2L8 View Post
    I fished on Tuesday up at Sams Creek. As it was a couple of week ago, the water temp was 38 degrees but the air temp was warm enough that I fished ost of the afternoon in a T shirt. In about 3 1/2 hours I caught 15 brookies and lost several others when they shook off. Unlike a couple of weeks ago, there were some pretty aggressive strikes. I caught everything on a March Brown. No need for nymphs despite the cold water temps.

    BTW, that makes three months in a row for a brookie catch - on a roll and the best months yet to come.
    38 degrees is amazing for me. I rarely fish in water that cold. Do you notice any kind of drop off in fish activity? I do not fish up in the mountains that often; so, I rarely get a chance to experience this situation.
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    Catching fish in 38 degree water defies conventional wisdom for sure. Just a couple of observations and a speculation though. The observations: The air temp was easily in the 60s and bugs (looking strangely similar to the March Brown I was using) were hatching. The speculation: Having a higher elevation and therefore cooler water habitat overall, maybe the specs don't go dormant at the same temps as bows and browns.

    Or maybe my thermometer is busted - but it's relatively new so I hope that's not the case.
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