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Thread: Watauga River Stripers

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    Thanks for posting the videos…..I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lure that realistic as was shown in the first video! Heck, I don’t ever remember seeing that in any store or catalog. The videos do have me ‘fired-up’…..I’m thinking of dusting off that huge bait caster I’ve used for pike. A couple of years ago I was in a guide’s boat floating between Coldwater and Hwy. 61. I looked down and saw a school of stripers heading upstream – I swear they looked like a fleet of submarines. I sure wouldn’t mind hooking one of those!

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    I looked at all the videos these guys made on the Watuaga very carefully and I see both a road and them kayaking in shallow water around an island hence I went to the map and think I found the spot!

    Wade fishing for stripers is awesome fun and I never thought I could do it in TN but this could be the spot to do it. The question is when and during what type of flow?

    Boone apparently has stripers with eggs that would by nature seek to spawn in rapidly moving rock laiden water; up in Maine this happen thr last week of June and early July... the videos were posted in June so maybe they were there to try to spawn or perhaps there to chow out on something?

    In Maine saltwater Alewife ascend the rivers to spawn in May & June and the stripers chase them up river & then hang around to mate. Perhaps this is why they were there.

    I shall need to go up there and do some recon in May & June.

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    Not to speak out of turn, but I am always interested. I've caught a few below Melton Hill, but have not ever fished the tailwaters for them. If you want to give it a shot and need someone to go and split some gas money, let me know. I don't have a boat, so anytime anyone says "I have a boat. Anyone wanna go?" I can't resist.
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