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Thread: Thought this might be of interest.....

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    Correction here- it is the Dingell-Johnson Act, not the W-B Act as I stated. My mistake- and so early in the month!
    I have never heard of the money from the Acts I mentioned going anywhere else. They are earmarked and cannot be spent elsewhere.
    For the curious, go to and search for Form 720; scroll through the pages and see what exactly is covered for fishing related stuff.
    TN Jed, those people are responsible for stopping mountain lion hunting in California. The puddy tats have lost their fear of man and now man is the prey. The animal rights people stopped bear hunting in NJ merely on emotion and not scientific facts. NJ is up to its eyeballs with bears! Bears are now going into residential communities to find food since there is an overpopulation.

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    Regardless of the name of the Act, thanks again for posing. The intent of the Act is what’s important!
    As far as the kitty-cats in CA go….what aggravates me is that the officer in CA went to another state and legally harvested an animal, but is regarded as someone that has done somthing outside of the law. I’m shocked (although I shouldn’t be) that the anti’s have made this an issue. To me, it's pretty cut-and-dry.

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