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    Lightbulb DIY: Trolling Motor Tips

    Unfortunately; I have become very experienced with repairing trolling motors over the past decade. I thought I would share some of my tips and insight in hopes that it helps others. In my opinion MotorGuide is a much better built trolling motor than Minn Kota.

    Also; I welcome any tips from others on this board to share!

    • Always use heavy gauge wire when running from battery to motor. I like to buy high quality jumper cables and cut the clamps off. Sears has some excellent 'door-buster' sets for cheap if you keep your eye out.
    • Install a 60amp fuse in line.
    • Buy a battery large enough to only be drained down to 45-55% of capacity after normal use.
    • Charge heavy 10-15 amp immediately after each use.
    • Buy a decent digital battery charger with deep cycle mode (10-15amp). ~$60 *Note; if you use an extension cord; make sure it is a short cord and heavy gauge as to not restrict voltage or to cause a fire hazard.
    • Worn brushes are usually the culprit of faulty motors. $15 for a set online + new O-ring gaskets is an easy fix.
    • The motor housing has an up & a down side; even though it will fit easily either way. If you get this wrong; it will go in reverse in fwd mode-vice versa.
    • You can make a propeller clutch by removing the shear pin and installing a flat washer, spring, and another washer on the shaft. Then; tighten the nut. It is better to buy a longer spring and cut it to fit to get the right tension.
    • Broken motor magnets can be fixed with quickset epoxy and 1" C-clamps.
    • Buy some rubber grommets or stoppers to put under your screw mounts so that it limits the vibration and quietens the motor.
    • A motor skeg is great to use for rivers and easy to install.
    • Always put a safety chain from your boat to the motor mount.
    • You can repair a stripped out propeller hub with a bottle cap in a emergency situation.

    Here are some of my pictures to help elaborate on a few of my experiences.

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