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    Well my grandson, Richie 18 months, AKA Mister Boo Boo got me to thinking "why we fly fish".... Perhaps we all fly fish for the same reasons; I won't speculate but imagine your life without flyfishing?

    I hope all you parents, grand-parents, and aunts & uncles remember that somebody introduced you to fishing at some time in your life and you owe the kids in your life an introduction & education about fishing.

    It seems that in this busy world where two parents need to work to make ends meet that many children don't get introduced to fly fishing by their parents! If you are a grand-father step up and take the kids along.

    How has fly fishing NOT changed YOUR life for the better?

    When I hear a guy say... "I used to fly fish with my Dad (grandfather or uncle) and loved it but cannot find the time to take my kid" I wanna puke.

    We must all make the time.

    Well Mister Boo Boo is a bit too small to fly fish but he and his sister Chloe sure do enjoy watching fly fishing videos on YOU TUBE... and Chloe "helps" me tie flies on occasion.... She is especially gifted when it comes to finding size 20 hooks or bead heads I drop on the floor.... YOUNG EYES!

    So Richie will sit on my lap without fuss for the longest time watching videos and every time he sees a fish he says "Feeesh" and I'm very pleased. Yesterday he noticed all the fish pictures on the wall and a quilted wall hanging and started pointing at them and saying "Feeesh"!

    I was about his age when my dad would take me fishing for Catfish and I suppose that's when I got my passion to fish.... I was not fortunate to have anyone in my life who fly fished so I figured it out on my own.

    So I hope you find someone this year who can benefit from your passion.... take a kid (or an adult) fishing and change their life.

    And if your kids have grown up and you haven't fished with them for many years invite them along; when they tell you they are too busy remind them that you were never too busy when they were kids.

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    When I hear a guy say... "I used to fly fish with my Dad (grandfather or uncle) and loved it but cannot find the time to take my kid" I wanna puke.
    I know exactly what you are saying. I have six grandkids and am working on the two older ones as to hunting and fishing. After all, they are our future!

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