Any of you ever look at "who is on the forum" at the bottom of the page?

Well I'm not much of a computer person and have only limited skills BUT I have heard of the word "lurker" and was reminded of this activity by a very nice person tonight who regularly visits HERE, is not yet a member and tells me she lurks HERE to learn more about fly fishing....

I hope she jumps in!

So I got to wondering about the enormous disparity between members and "lurkers", (sorry but I like the sound of it) GUESTS I mean, that are viewing this forum at any given time....

Perhaps they have nothing in mind to share.

Perhaps they come here to learn.

Perhaps they want to know what rock to stand on at a particular river or stream.

Or maybe they are embarrassed to ask a "dumb" question.... even though there are few dumb questions in our world of dumb people.

Seriously folks; I'm dumbfounded at this disparity.

I would love to think that tonight there were 189 NEWBIES hoping to learn a few tips from the 20 of us who THEY think know everything about trout and fly fishing... when the truth is that we spend a lifetime trying to figure this whole thing out...

Fly fishing humbles the accomplished angler as much as not... (yes; you can quote me even though I'm the exception to my own rule! LOL)

So I guess I'm honored that so many "guests" come here to read Byron's fishing report and gain a little entertainment from reading whatever thoughts the active members post.

Perhaps there ought to be a "newbie" sub-forum where some of the shy lurker newbies can post their questions as members without fear of reproach?

Just a few thoughts I felt like sharing... I'm certain nobody will bite the head off of somebody who wants to stop lurking and join in the conversation.