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Thread: Boom!! White bass

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    Default Boom!! White bass

    the time has come
    hold on

    caught a bunch today on spinning gear. They were choking on suspending jerk baits. Caught a few others with a speed trap and a red eye shad. No huge ones this afternoon but it sure is fun on a jerk bait. Even caught a few small smallies! The key seemed to be having the bait stopped......

    Im will try and get up there this weekend to do some damage on a fly rod!I recently got some new sink tip that im excited to try out. These bass will eat anything from what I have seen once you find them. Look in areas where there are eddies or off steep banks.

    if your looking for some fun and fast fishing I encourage you get out there and do the same. ....the river might be too muddy depending on the rain Friday night but we shall see.
    there is a reason they dont call it "catching"

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    Glad to hear they are hitting. I had some good days last year when they were on the the shoals with white sparkleminnows and white shenks streamers.these flies run about 2ft deep in current

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