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    Default Little River 3/4/2012

    With all the nice weather we have been having here lately I decided that I just needed to get in a little "normal" winter fishing this past weekend... What better time to provide that little extra challenge that nasty weather presents than the tornados and storms that hit TN last weekend. This is also the kind of situation where the die hard anglers come out of the woodwork...

    In trying to time a fairly "decent" day weather wise, it looked like this past Sunday was to be the best bet at presenting an opportunity to get out and throw some flies. So with that I headed to the park to meet up with Mattblick and see if we could find some fish. Unfortunately, it ended up being about ten to fifteen degrees colder than I anticipated and we spent most of the day fishing through a snow hatch...

    The fish sure didn't seem to mind though and after a slower start in the morning things really picked up. I had more quality fish come to the fly than you would imagine. One of the highlights of the day was watching what was at least a 12"+ rainbow in a nice run hit both Matt's fly and mine twice! Too bad we missed him three times though... All in all it was a great day in the mountains regardless of the colder temps. I had fourteen fish to hand that were all on dries and I think Matt managed to snag around a half dozen... So get out and fish LR if you can because as other reports have said as well, it's on fire even with some snow...

    Tight Lines,

    A nice little bow...

    More of the same...

    Things starting to get better... most of the fish looked like this.

    And then some of them were looking like this... don't want to even think about the ones I raised/got away that were all of similar size if not bigger...
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