My name is Mike and I've been been what Corbo calls a "lurker" (sounds kind of like a synonym for a prevert,,,ha) long enough . I've been flyfishing for about 4 yrs now, but only now do I consider myself as getting to the adequate category. I caught my first trout ( a cutthroat)4 yrs ago on the Grey River in Wyoming and I've been addicted ever since. Anyone who knows me know I would rather fish than eat and often do.
I've been an outdoors person most of my life and in 1989 began backpacking with my 2 brothers in the park. The only times we went was when the leaves were off , cause at that time , there were no bugs,no bears (usually), no people, and as I said, no leaves. My trail name was Chester and we went on to section hike over 450 mi. of the AT. Unfortunately , my bp days have pretty much ended - last trip was 7 yrs ago - due to my having been diagnosed with Parkinsons 9 years ago . One of my great regrets in life is that I hiked all those trails prior to ff and never gave it a thought .......what lost opportunities!!!!
I fish the Clinch and the Holston , but due to my poor wading abilities , I have a oneman pontoon boat with an electric trolling motor. The boat acts as my waders in these waters. I am trying to learn how and where to fish the park and wade there but in limited areas.
As far as a work background goes, I'm a former highschool English teacher and football coach , and after that stint was in consumer sales for 25 yrs.

Hope I haven't bored you too much