Next Thursday evening I will be at the monthly meeting of the Little River Trout Unlimited giving a program on some of the overlooked and not-so-overlooked old time Smoky Mountains trout fishermen dating back to the mid-1800s. I am not sure about the protocol for a guest speaking to invite all to such an event. I am going to chance it.

At this meeting I will also unveil my latest project, a new magazine titled Southern Trout. It will be a digit, flip page monthly that covers tailwaters, lakes and freestone streams from VA/WV to north GA as well as AR. It will run around 120 to 140 pages (no more than 40 percent advertising). You can see a couple of the flip page monthly pubs we now do at, and at The first issue is a combo April which will be ready to go in about a week.

As it is now, Southern Trout will have the following columns and/or departments:
Southern Trout News
New Products
Southern Trout Fishing History
Book Review
Guide Profile
Lodge Profile
Fly of the Month
Featured Fly Shop
Performance Primer
Back Page

Right now I am looking at running at least one more-of-less destination feature per state (TN, NC, VA, WV, GA & AR), and three or so technique features. You know most of the people I have on board for editorial; Ian Rutter, Jimmy Jacobs, Kevin Howell, Larry Rea, Roger Lowe, Bob Borgwait, Harry Murray, Bo Cash, David Cannon, and few others most of you will recognize. Of course the pub is open to anyone seeking to get in their two cents worth.

The cost for receiving Southern Trout is zero. It is free. The web site is up (, but it is pretty bland right now. Like rest of the project, it is ambitious, but is a work in progress.