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The key factors for most of the tailwaters in E. TN are CFS Rate and the displacement amount of the boat. I usually clamp an old jumper cable claw with a rope attached to a tree branch if I am looking to hold a position. I had four-clamps left over when I wired my trolling motor mainline to my battery utilizing a nice Sears doorbusting sale on jumper cables.

Also; I use an spring loaded anchor davit I designed and built for my fishing on the Clinch. My setup utilizes a tackle and pulley design with a spring loaded cushion on one end. This acts as a shock absorber when I drag and get snagged.

I am still trying to perfect a setup for the Clinch. I have lost about 3 anchors in the past 4 years and one chain-ball. Try some of the techniques I posted earlier and see if they work for you Rod.

Also; let me know if you need another anchor and I will set it out for you or drop it off at your house the next time I visit my brother...
I might take you up on that if you have a 30 pounder laying around. Or an extra chain ball that weighs that much? Also I thought about looking around for a big piece of steal pipe and try makeing me on.