Greg Tayman makes awesome drift boat kits and they assemble very well even for those with little wood-working experience.

I helped build one of his kits about 15 years ago with a friend who had no skills at all and it came out beautiful. We did cover the bottom with the "optional" High Density plastic stuff and this was a good idea as it bounced off rocks like nothing and unlike aluminum it didn't stick to every rock like glue.

The boat in question was actually in an issue of Fly Rod & Reel back in the 90's in an article about fishing the East Outlet of the Kennebec River by Editor Paul Guernsey.... when we went over "Swimmers Falls" (a huge drop off over ledge, it was on a very low flow in October) I was in the front looking directly down a rocks, Paul was in the rear and Jeff (the owner) was rowing.... we broke a rib, they both got soak, I was dry and we all kept fishing.

The rib was easily repaired.

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