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Thread: NC Backcountry Advice Needed

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    Default NC Backcountry Advice Needed

    Hoping to try our second ever backcountry trip with the hope of catching our first Smoky Mountain National Park trout. I will go with my 12 and 13 year old sons. We are thinking of either going back to campsite 50 or trying out campsite 65 (Bear Pen Branch). We are going in mid-April. Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Any bear concerns? Also, if we choose site 65, which would be the closest ranger station to get our permit? Thank you.

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    You would need to swing by Deep Creek for your permit before heading out to Noland. It will be 4 or 5 miles, round trip, out of your way.

    Easy hike on an old roadbed. Check out the Park website for any bear warnings and such before you head out.

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    hookedontrout--Old Tom's advice is completely on target. Noland Creek is a medium-size or slightly smaller stream.Boys of 12 and 13 should handle the hike fine. I would advise walking a ways upstream from your campsite for most of your fishing. It gets better as you get on up towards the Salola area (easy walking all the way, with signs of old homesites along the way).
    Jim Casada

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    Old Tom - thanks for the information, that will help us greatly!

    Mr. Casada - I have poured over your book from cover to cover and that has helped greatly in determining our second site. Thank you for the additional tips.

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