Just came home to the worst disater a fly tyer may ever endure... again.

Lucky, my 14 year old lab, got into my fly tying room/den and ate some necks, then ate a bunch of bucktails, then the partridge cape and a few scraps remain of some nice pieces of elk hock.

A bunch of synthetic stuff got roughed up pretty bad too... that was probably "entertainment".

Tomorrow he will take a very colorful [dump]. The bucktails were blue, pink, red, yellow, the necks were white, dun and ginger. His breath smells of moth balls.... so I venture he ate a few.

We have lever style locksets and he can open them; already removed the knobs from pantry and closet where we put the waste basket.

I suppose this is good news for LRO as I will need to replace this stuff.

Does this sorta thing happen only to me?

If I didn't love him so much I would shoot him and sell hi[m]for dubbing!