Out of the last few years of March fishing this is officially the worst year I've had!

I don't know what's up. the waters I've been fishing have been higher than I'm used to. The temps warmer also. I've also seen no exciting hatches.

Day 1 - My 8 year old out fished me! we took home one 8" from Tremont
Day 2- Solo trip back to Tremont, only afforded me one nice fish. 9" bow
Day 3 - Took my son up to Greenbriar, high water up there also. I caught one really nice 'bow. We dug out a little puddle in a gravel bar to keep it fresh. Well, you might've guessed it....it got away. My son didn't like GB too much.
Day 4 - had a few hours this afternoon, so back up to Tremont. (note to self; avoid Saturdays on a pretty day!) geez! people driving up and down Tremont road constantly. I only landed 2 fish. A whopping 3" and 6" rainbow.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.