The Corp has entered into an agreement with a host of TN agencies with the goal of providing more communication between the various agencies. Part of this will be enhanced recreational info. Now would be a good time to push for better info on dam releases. For example, recently the TVA release schedule showed no generation on the Caney. What the release schedule did not show was that Center Hill dam would be sluicing 3000cfs. Sluicing is not now reported in the release schedules. It would be nice in my opinion if water release of any type were shown in the schedules. Currently they just show the number of generators which will be run. I do not care if the water comes from the generators or sluice gates. I just want to know how much water is scheduled to go through the dam. Water release schedules should show water releases of any type. The TVA does not appear to be part of this agreement. The Corps has a facebook page and there would be a good place to post your request. Silvercreek