I agree Silver and it's happened to me before as well. Here was his response: Nashville District Commander
I appreciate your frustration. We have been spilling at Old Hickory and Cheatham dams for an extended period and have been trying to change our workflow process at the headquarters to include spilling and sluicing information on the fishin...g pages. At the same time we've been going through some web publishing changes as well and we're still working the bugs out. This summer we'll also be doing a complete web migration that should make some of the posting processes easier and provide more up to date info for the public. Your issue is important to us and I hope you understand we're working on fixing the process. Our goal is to automate the process. My Public Affairs team is aware and working the issue with our water management and IT teams. Also, when it shows 0 for generation we often are performing maintenance on the hydro units, but still pass water downstream by spilling or sluicing. Again, I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. I'll continue to press this issue so we can effectively provide accurate water management information.