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    Default Busted Butt on Abram's

    I joined the Abram’s fishing club this weekend, you know the one that you have to fall on your… Well my shoulder is still sore and the back of my head is a little sore to the touch but I think I will be back to whatever normal is by the end of the week. I also caught the smallest fish ever in my life, it was a rainbow that was about the size of my little finger. I was so glad a park ranger did not come up because it would have been hard to explain how I caught something so small and that I was not using live bait.
    But now to the question, Korkers? I have read about the boots they have out that the bottoms are interchangeable. That you can start with one that looks like a hiking boot, pull the felt bottom one out of your bag and now you have a pair of felt bottom boots. Then when we get that good snow here in Alcoa you can pull out the rubber, steel studded ones and now you have a pair of steel studded boots.
    The Theory sounds great but does anyone have a pair of the ones with this system and how well do they work?

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    Default Welcome to the Club!!

    I have a love/hate relationship with Abrams (although I have to admit its mostly hate...)

    Korkers: I have two pairs of them and absolutely love them. Mine are about 4 years old and use the older interchange system (v2 OmniTrax Soles), so I'm probably not the very best person to get advice from as they seem to have changed quite dramatically. However, the concept works very well. I have easily hiked 200+ miles in mine in TN/NC/CO and have never had a problem with them. I have lost a few of the small drain port screens in both boots (from rocks) but other than that, they have been extremely durable/reliable.

    Mine were a little bit loose, so I put in a foam insert into the footbed and they now fit perfectly. Like a hiking boot you want to make sure that they are not too tight or too loose. Also, I usually wear a neoprene sock when hiking and fishing. The boots aren't waterproof (obviously), so you need to plan accordingly, and the neoprene socks keep my feet dry enough during hiking that I don't get blisters.

    Having to carry an extra pair of boot 10 miles r/t is no fun. If you only hike a mile or two to the stream, they probably aren't worth the money, but if you hike much longer and do it fairly regularly, you really should look into a pair of them.

    The only complaint I had is that the old felt soles seemed to wear out a lot quicker than standard boots and at $30 per new set to replace, I wound up not having the traction I needed near the end of a year (before paying for new soles...).

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    I also have two pair and really like them. I have a pair of V2 and V3. As far as I'm concerned they are the best product on the market. I hike some fish with felts and studded rubber where felts are not legal or where didymo is present

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    I also have a pair of Korkers. Mine are the tennis shoe looking ones (no idea of the model). I really like them. The ability to swap soles is a good idea in concept for me, but I never do. When I first got them, I would hike with the hiking soles and swap them to the felt soles once I got to the river. The felt soles don't ever come off now. I guess I'm just lazy. I now hike with the felt soles and just leave them in full time. I do alot of hike in fishing, so they get lots of miles on them.

    They are still my favorite wading shoes.
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    I've got the Korkers "Redside" boots. The improvements they have made on the new sole design have been good. I used to have some Korkers cross current boots that were just ok (old sole design).

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    I too have a pair of the V 2.0 Korkers. They are probably 4 yrs old now, and area nearing the end of their life. I am once again looking at Korkers for my replacement boot, and will probably buy a pair of the Redside boot because I am a bit cautious of the boa lacing system.

    I often use the hiking sole / felt sole combo for day trips to the park. I hike in wearing the hiking sole, and change into the felt sole once I reach the stream. However, the V 3.0 system appears to be much more user friendly than the previous version that required a key to properly secure into place.

    I also have a pair of studded Kling-on soles that I wear on the Clinch and SoHo that give me extreme confidence in my footing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grannyknot View Post
    I've got the Korkers "Redside" boots. The improvements they have made on the new sole design have been good.
    Just throwing this out there... I bought the Redsides as well wanting a cheap pair of felt boots for the park and so far so good. While not as durable as some other boots, I have been trying to fish them pretty hard in the mountains and have been pleased. I bought them back in May or June I believe and they are just now starting to show some wear. One of the things I like about them is they are really light weight even when wet. For only $100 I will probably get another pair when the time comes based on how they have performed so far. I only use mine for the park btw...

    As Grannyknot mentioned, Korkers has it down with this latest improvement to their interchangeable sole system. Previous generation boots did not work as well and received a bad reputation with soles coming off and such. With the latest crop of boots, this is no longer a problem and now currently some of the best boots out there IMHO.

    I hope to finally get a chance to fish Abram's this season and would certainly like to keep it a dry experience if at all possible.

    Tight Lines,

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