I joined the Abram’s fishing club this weekend, you know the one that you have to fall on your… Well my shoulder is still sore and the back of my head is a little sore to the touch but I think I will be back to whatever normal is by the end of the week. I also caught the smallest fish ever in my life, it was a rainbow that was about the size of my little finger. I was so glad a park ranger did not come up because it would have been hard to explain how I caught something so small and that I was not using live bait.
But now to the question, Korkers? I have read about the boots they have out that the bottoms are interchangeable. That you can start with one that looks like a hiking boot, pull the felt bottom one out of your bag and now you have a pair of felt bottom boots. Then when we get that good snow here in Alcoa you can pull out the rubber, steel studded ones and now you have a pair of steel studded boots.
The Theory sounds great but does anyone have a pair of the ones with this system and how well do they work?