The people i buy from,wanted me to build a web sight and become a part of facebook-I did-THey are constantly reminding me to post every day--when i come in each morning I try to think of something to write about--It's hard,and it gets old,you get Facebooked and Web Site-ed out--that's why Byron and the LRO fishing report is really quite special because it is there 7 days a week--always fresh,updated,well written.Byron writings on and about Townsend puts you in mind of a Mayberry type of life,small town stuff..Ever notice how other fishing web sites hardly ever have an updated fishing report?It's because the new quickly wears off,when you have to write a fishing report for every day of your life,so rather than do that,you "forget",and that's the end of the fishing reports.which makes the LRO FR all the more amazing.