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    Default Short trip and report

    My mom who lives in Maryville called and asked if she could have my kids for a few days over spring break so I figured that would be a great opportunity to sleep on the ground for a night and get some fishing done. I drove up from Chattanooga a day early (Monday) and headed up to #24. I got to LRO right at 9 am to get a new license, flies and floatant. The salesman made some great recommendations for I've never heard of that ended up being the best one. Got to camp, set up, and hit the water by 12:30. Fishing was decent not great while I was up there. First two fish were a nice bow and brookie right by the camp site both caught on the fly the guy at the shop suggested...a March Brown. I caught the most fish on that fly and I had only wished I bought two of them. The flowers around 3000 ft were spectacular. Entire swaths of the forest floor were covered in color. No fish pictures this time. I managed to take a few flower pictures with my iPhone. They are not nearly as good as the ones in the other thread.

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    Beautiful flower pics. I'm heading that way next weekend. May have to pick up a few March Browns on my way.

    Always amazes me how the best fly in my vast collection is always, always the one I only have one of!

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    Smile Glad you got to get out

    NIce pics.

    I got to boat on Wednesday. It sure is beautiful to see the life force of Spring. Saw several March Browns still out, and for the first time lots of Yellow Sallies.

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